Planning Your Storage Space

“How Much Space Do I Need?”

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Large heavy items you can stack other goods on are generally stored at the back of the space, Work forward and upwards with lighter, fragile items. Store goods you'll need to access at the front of the space, leave a walkway to the rear if necessary. Using professional storage cartons and accessories gives maximum protection and makes storing and unpacking easier.

How much will a storage space hold?

These are estimates and intended only to give your an appreciation of approximately how much different spaces hold.

2 x 3 metre space 
holds 2 to 3 rooms
of belongings


4 x 3 metre space 
holds 2 bedroom flat
or 3 bedroom house *


6 x 3 metre space holds the contents of a 3 to 4 
bedroom house.


12 x 4 metre space suitable for large storage requirements, business stock, large archive storage or tradesman's equipment, etc.

6x3 Shelf

* Note: shipping containers are same size as 4 x 3 metre